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Back in the Saddle Again.... Christine helped me work through a back injury from a horseback riding accident. When I could finally get out of bed, I hobbled in to see her using a walker. I was still in a lot of pain but her gentle touch was just what I needed. With time and a monthly massage, I could return to riding after 6 months. Christine is great at helping work through sports injuries. Sad to say, it wasn't the first riding accident she helped me with! The healing I received gave me enough courage to get back in the saddle again.  Debi R

Post-Surgical Relief….After having a hip replacement, I slipped on ice while still using crutches. This seemed to have strained the Psoas muscle which only lengthened the recovery, however, the muscle pain from this accident didn't become obvious until well after recovery. At times, the muscle would tense up and cause great pain in simply walking. Chris had provided relief with post-surgical massage on my leg so I sought her out for help with this muscle pain and after only two sessions, I began to feel a difference. She also recommended exercises to strengthen the muscle and they proved effective as well. I highly recommend post surgical massage as a great benefit in the healing process and appreciate the care and concern Chris shows not only during the session but in follow-up emails and phone calls. DP

No more Achy Breaky Back I have seen Chris for my massage therapy several times in the last two years and keep going back for more!  Not only are her techniques relaxing, relieving, regenerating, and calming but she is also very accomodating and educational.  Recently I had been experiencing a new lower back ache, which was quite strange for me since I exercise regularly, and consider myself to be in very good physical condition, so I was perplexed with this new achiness, and Chris not only worked on that area to bring comfort and relief, but also showed me how to effectively stretch those muscles so as to continue the healthy process & it has worked!  No more lower back ache! Chris continues to introduce her monthly specials to me which makes her services within my budget, which is another feature that I greatly appreciate, because it allows me to contribute to my continual healthy regimen.  Also one of my favorite experiences I've had with Chris that was so wonderful I must mention it, was that I was so glad she shared the opportunity with me to host a "Sparty" (a spa party) and it was awesome.  I invited 4 of my friends for an hour treatment each; they each chose the service/therapy they wanted; we set up a room in the house for Chris's table with some soft lights and music; and we each pitched in to provide light and healthy snacks.  The best part was that because of the group participation Chris was able to discount each of our treatments which made the event very affordable and too good to pass up.  We each thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the pampering!  I could go on, and on....Jean H.

Peaceful Warrior “Chris's intuitive insights and understanding leads her to adapt her approach to meet her client's concerns and expectations. She has an exceptionally open way of connecting to solve her clients needs. Her understanding, sincere, gentle approach is comforting yet precise. She helps her clients increase awareness to discover the root cause of their physical discomfort. She then shows them creative ways to resolve it through her touch. I find her to be energetically gentle yet a warm warrior with enthusiasm. For her, life is fun and adventurous and her enthusiasm is contagious and uplifting. I've caught it and you can too. Dana Shankle, Owner YogiLatte”

Highly Recommended Chris is a professional and highly accomplished massage therapist.  Chris has a wonderful, calm presence.  She is very sensitive to client issues and is perceptive to not only the emotional issues that can appear during a massage but also the physical aspect of her massage work.  She is well worth the money.  I highly recommend her for relaxation, muscle soreness, and her many other modalities that she practices.  I have gone to her for a number of years and am very satisfied. Chuck S

Thank you Chris for keeping me healthy and delivering me from stress! For anyone else reading this testimonial: Chris is highly professional, an example worth emulating, a valuable support person, and someone who is able to provide a number of massage techniques that address everything from major sports injuries to simple relaxation. I especially enjoy and benefit from her energy work, leaving her office feeling balanced and relaxed every time.  And what’s really great is you can get a pick-me-up in just a half an hour or take a longer session to really get the kinks out! Believe me, this is far better than spending money on dinner or a movie in terms of long term benefit.  I’m a fan. What can I say except she’s totally beneficial! MEL

I don't want to get up.... Have you ever really not wanted to get up from the massage table? Well, stone massage made it even harder for me. I didn’t want the stones moved away! Christine blends her intuitive hands with her smooth, warmed stones. It’s like she has more than 2 hands working. She places warm stones in just the right comforting places, and then works with her hands and other stones. Both feel so comforting….aaahhhh. Louisa

Professional and Conscientious “Christine is a true professional. She is very thorough, conscientious and atuned to her job. Her success is the direct result of her integrity and that she truly cares for her clientelle.” Kurt H

She was on my nerves and I liked itKB

I would rather come here than the hardware store.  Chuck Z

You're going to have to call security to get me up. TR

Not too hot...Christine gives a wonderful hot stone massage! The stones are just the right temperature and really help work out all the tension deep within the muscles. I was very disappointed with a hot stone massage I had at a resort while on vacation. The stones were uncomfortably hot. Christine's hot stone massage was absolutely fantastic!  Deb

Relaxing Techniques I have seen many different massage therapists over the years and have found Chris' technique to be among the most relaxing.  By creating such a state of relaxation, she is able to get deeper into sore muscle areas that tend to trouble me the most.  I always know I will feel good during the massage and for a lengthy period afterwards. Plus, Chris has a good heart and is a nice person.  I recommend her highly.  Carol M.

Weekend Warrior Chris is awesome. No matter what is ailing me she makes it right. As a hockey player and weekend warrior skier/biker she really helps speed my recovery from self-inflicted pain. Thanks Chris







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